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    This was of course Cheng Kun's excuse. In fact, he was a little worried about the Social Department of the Southern Bureau suddenly sending him to Yan'an. he knew in his heart that this might be the Communist Party's concern for him.

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    Murakami Nobunosuke coldly snorted with a serious face and said: "Yen Phu Chi is Yan Phu Chi, those people are those people, how can they be confused? If there is no devil in your heart, there is no need to be afraid scared." was implicated in Yan Fuzhi's affairs. One by one They're all cheating like this, don't you think it's okay to continue being messy like this? Now the Greater Japanese Empire has gone all out in this holy war. If they are still fooling around like this, our great Japanese Empire is not a philanthropist. What's the use of a group of lazy people who just eat and don't work? I know that among these former military commanders, they are still willing to listen to what you have to say, So I want you to tell them that if you want to continue dragging your feet like this, you cannot do it. ! former traitor?"

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    At this time, only Murakami Nobunosuke, Yin Qunli and two traitor agents from the Stone City Branch of the Secret Service Headquarters were in the car. Nobunosuke Murakami thought that the number of people in his group was a bit small, so driving straight to Gao Hongcheng's door and then getting out of the car and rushing in would be a bit reckless. Sneak up to Gao Hongcheng's door with his group of people, then kick the door open in one fell swoop, enter and surprise Gao Hongcheng.

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    He Guangzong did not answer directly, but instead asked the 'bodyguard': "Did you take the radio back last night?"