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    Of course, he didn't know that Li Yixin had entered the anti-smuggling investigation bureau, and he didn't know that Li Yixin had another purpose in asking these questions at this time.

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    Most of Hunan and Guangxi provinces became enemy-occupied areas. The Haichang Trading Company essentially purchased local raw materials such as tung oil and pig bristles using Chinese securities and French currency. The Japanese army provided the necessary funds, but the volume of business was very small.

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    Hearing that, Li Yixin quickly stood up and bowed to everyone present. At this moment, the conference room sounded sparsely and reluctantly applauded to show welcome.

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    "Great! I always wanted to work for the organization, but the Old Marquis hid me away. Now the organization finally thinks of me." The young man complained.

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    "I'm going to rest for a while. I'll leave immediately. I'm going to Vu Lang to meet with the important Military Control Department. This is a very key negotiation. You guys are a little closer to me, and you all have status and a future now. , but I must strive to achieve good results for my brothers below after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, and I cannot let everyone follow me without Nothing." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    "Fourth, use the request of the Japanese Gendarmerie to vigorously suppress anti-Japanese elements to investigate underground party organizations on the Shanghai stock market. Lin Huanzhi personally grasped this work . The main targets are large factories on the Shanghai stock market. Anyone who is suspicious will be arrested. Arrest, deal with the pressure of the Japanese gendarmerie, create momentum, and at the same time bring it to the Yamashiro government's Military Control Bureau."

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    Although Chang Weigang connected with Shen Boyang under the introduction of Xu Ruiyang, and joined the Military Command Bureau as a colonel and station chief, he did not recognize Shen Boyang at all, the old man still is Xu Ruiyang.

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    For example, this kind of internal power struggle and mutual conflict between traitors, as long as the Japanese bottom line is not touched, the Japanese will not easily kill these puppet traitors.

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    This request is not excessive. Haruka Inoue does not have high requirements for material life. She has never worn lavish and expensive jewelry. Her diet is also relatively light. Don't compete. , rarely opens his mouth to ask.

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    In order to continue to receive Deputy Director Ye's trust and be respected in Central Unification, Li Yixin had to accept the declaration against Deputy Director Ye's wishes, and began to think of ways to ensure safety. for the section of road in Stone City to be secretly transported from an area controlled by the Nationalist Party.

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    The procedures for establishing a company are not complicated. At this time, the puppet government of Vuong and the Japanese also hope that the government will appear more prosperous to vindicate their name, so they support the establishment of the company even more. .

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    Half an hour later, Director Shen of the General Department, one of the eight main departments of the bureau, stood up and volunteered to express his readiness to carry out this mission. Department.

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    "I'm just a woman living next door to Wan Lilang. Director Xu is too polite. I have admired your name for a long time. In Wan Lilang's daily conversations, the person he admires the most is not Li Shiqun before, but you! He always thought, The only person who can't win in this life is you, let him be willing to admit defeat, I have never seen the second person." Wang Min said with a smile.

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    It took the Japanese government 25 days after the fire to remove the charred bodies.

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    After about half an hour, the crowd finally dispersed. The two electors carrying the registration list gently knocked on the door and were allowed by Ly Nghe Han to enter the field.

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    Let's talk about this. By the way, I have work to do, so I won't send Mr. Li. he doesn't have a solid foundation. It's no big deal.

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    "Outsiders think that Ma Xiaotian belongs to me, this matter was caused by me. If he is shot, it seems that I have lost power in the military region. Do the brothers below still trust me? is another matter." difference in different periods. There must be cause and effect, whether he can live or not depends on his own luck." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    According to the information I received, the US military's military action against Okinawa did not produce any rapid breakthrough. They were delayed on the battlefield and suffered heavy casualties. It is not yet known when Okinawa will be captured. Even if it is done, it may not be possible. Dare to directly attack Tokyo. Xu Ruiyang said.

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    Things like medical equipment can be said to have a price but there is no market on the market, surely the Zhang family somehow bought it from a foreign company in Shanghai, then resold it to Ganzhou. at incredibly high prices. The difference must be a lot!

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    After Vuong Thien Can was chased away, Du Due did not go out until evening. He intended to talk directly to his brother-in-law Wei Jianping about this matter and get a statement.

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    Therefore, the importance of the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department in the Material Control Investigation Committee is obvious, and this is also the main reason why Wei Jianping arranged his distant wife and brother as Directors of the Department. Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department.

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    "When it's time to accept, no one wants to fall behind others. In such a thing, even the designated chair has to pretend not to know, and let the forces of all sides fight for it. Let's talking about the situation in Shanghai stock market. When I come back, I will have something to report to the committee!" Dai Li said.

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    Furthermore, this position must allow Li Yixin to continue doing business smoothly, because Murakami Nobunosuke has an idea, which is to use Li Yixin's relationship with the Chongqing government to buy some strategic materials were prohibited from being sold to the Japanese. areas, such as fur.

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    The leader of the anti-smuggling team is Wu Zhihai, Li Yixin has had feelings for Wu Zhihai since learning that Wu Zhihai's gang was suppressed by Du Rui and Guan Yong.

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    Mr. Gavin thinks too highly of me. Actually, you should think about today's results. In China there is an idiom called The Three Holes of the Cunning Rabbit. In simpler terms, it means that eggs cannot be put in one basket. I worked in a puppet regime controlled by Japan. It's also very simple, in order to prepare enough finances for the rest of my life, because the probability of Japan's failure is very high, I have to prepare to retreat first, it's not my style to deal with it easily. hastily. During the Anti-Japanese War, I provided many high-level secrets of the Japanese military to the United States Navy intelligence department that you represent. The Military Control Bureau is the secret police agency of the Yamashiro government. It is responsible for military intelligence collection. It also needs these secrets to reflect its own values. Are you qualified? There are not many people who have come into contact with and learned about these secrets, and I am one of them. It was normal for the Military Command to find me and absorb me into the Military Command." Xu Ruiyang said with a smile.